Thankful To Have Found Them

I had the pleasure of working with JHS Restoration on our recent roofing project here at the Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington. Our project consisted of stripping the old asphalt shingles, installing new shingles with open copper valleys and installing all new copper edge trim and flashing on the main house, carriage barn, stone conservatory and caretakers cottage, about 268 squares in all!. They also replaced three smaller flat roofs with rubber membrane. The thought of managing all this in house was daunting but was made easy with JHS's professionalism, flexibility and attention to detail. During the entire project our buildings were open to the public and I can't say enough how good they were about accommodating our visitors, working around our numerous events and maintaining a clean and orderly work site. The end product looks fantastic and I would highly recommend JHS Restoration.

David Perbeck
Hill-Stead Museum

Great company to work with

Just wanted to thank these guys for doing such great work. The service offered goes way above and beyond what you typically get these days. We have used JHS for several projects over the years and they have always stood by the work they do. Whenever we had a question or an issue that needed attention it was always addressed immediately. Same day often times! The quality of workmanship is second to none. The prices are excellent considering all the extra services and attention. That's a primary difference with a company like this, the added value you receive for what you pay. A lot of companies in these industries will happily take your money but god forbid there is a problem and they don't want to know you. Not the case with JHS. I'm glad to have found these guys and I'm confident referring them.

Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum

JHS reroofed one of our large houses here at the WDS Museum and restored three onsight privy roofs, painted and did extensive inside and outside wall repairs and replacement of sections of flooring in each of those privies. Red cedar shingles and cedar breather was used after removing old shingles and underlayment. JHS also copper flashed and repointed three chimneys and ran copper flashing along valleys in the house. JHS also reroofed a large tool shed and two well roofs using the same roofing materials to match the house. During all of this contruction work here John Snyder and his crew were meticulous in restoring these 18th century structures. The roofers and carpenters were obviously skilled in their crafts and appeared to take a genuine ownership of their work. The crews cleaned up at the end of each day and maintained a clean, organized and safe job sight. Of particular note was JHS's willingness to listen and respond to occasional suggestions in order to restore these old buildings back to their authentic period. So overall, JHS did an excellent job here completing the many different restoration tasks required in this project and we were pleased to have them working at the museum.

Richard Agne
Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum